Client – Dunmore Vintage
Company – Freelance
Tools – Adobe CC

Dunmore Vintage

Dunmore Vintage is a clothing resale brand focused on high end vintage items from the 70’s, 80’s & 90’s eras. They provide customers & clients with rare sports & music memorabilia. Working together this new brand mark was rendered to become a timeless icon that can live on through the foreseeable future, similar to the vintage items they sell that have become so sought after. In addition to their new mark, a small collection of garments and media assets were made to live alongside their new identity.

In the logo process a considerable amount of time is given to sketch work and conceptualization. This ensures the work is both original & timeless. Along side these early stages, as the mark takes its final form, adequate testing takes place to ensure the mark can withstand various real world applications and conflict.

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