Client – Personal Exploration
Company – N/A
Tools – Adobe Lightroom


During the winter of 2019 I was granted the opportunity to take my first trip abroad. My brother at the time was studying in Paris and I got the chance to visit him for a short while before continuing on with my adventure. This being my first time to France I really had no idea what to expect. Every one calls Paris the “City of Love” but what does that really even mean? At first I expected rose bushes, sparkling wine, and perfectly baked pastries on every corner, however, upon my arrival I was quite surprised. 
My work shows off the nitty gritty, the real life, in between the cracks view of a city. Raw images that find incredible elements of emotion and truth portrayed by the subjects in each capture. Paris turned out to fit this aesthetic perfectly. It is a dirty city. It’s old and beat up. Yet, it’s filled with beautiful art and architecture and full of a largely diverse demographic that makes it so incredible to photograph. I had never seen Paris like this before because nobody shows the real streets of this city in a travel brochure. These images below are a glimpse into what I believe Paris embodies. Please enjoy the views of this city through my perspective.

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