Client – University Project
Tools – Adobe CC

All Deserving

All Deserving attempts to address the subject of cultural preservation. Using its seasonally delivered kit contents as an educational experience, this project aims to inform subscribers of the dangers & concerns that culturally appropriated items have toward indigenous communities & further educate them on solutions concerning this topic. All Deserving is intended to be a non-profit company, donating 100% of funds earned to the highlighted communities in each respected seasonal box. This project shows the application of integrated methods bridging design concepts & forms in a variety of mediums including traditional print publishing, packaging & product development.

The largest problem to solve within this project dealt with the narration and presentation of historical artifacts in printed materials. To create an unbiased approach a minimalist layout was created that could be used in each seasonal content launch. This layout prioritized typographic clarity and supporting imagery in a way to ensure no group of indigenous communities could be held above another.

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